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This season, turn a lovely Christmas tradition into big profits for your organization’s Christmas fund-raising campaign. The simple elegance of a Christmas luminaria made with high-quality Marlin candles will provide your church, school, civic or social service organization with a sure-fire method for soliciting the generosity of its patrons.

It is incredibly easy to start your own Christmas luminaria fund-raising campaign. All it takes are the proper candles, some paper bags or milk cartons, and some sand or soil to support the candles. We supply your organization with the specially designed candles and offer a variety of bag options. You may choose to supply the bags or even the sand and offer the luminarias as a complete package. Whether you choose to sell only the candles or the entire package, it is amazing how fast the profits mount up…. especially if your parishioners or patrons have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the luminarias lit and set in display at your church or social service center. If you have a good organization behind your campaign, door-to-door solicitations can send sales skyrocketing!

This season, you too can lead the most successful Christmas fund-raising campaign in your organization’s history!

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